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cytonome viva system front view

Life Sciences Research

Cytonome Viva™-G1 system

The Cytonome Viva™-G1 product is a dedicated cell sorter that is designed to separate mammalian cells expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) from other cells in your sample. Supported cell types include primary blood cells, stem cells, immortalized cell lines (CHO, HeLa, Colo201, etc.) and lineage differentiated cells (neural cells, hepatocytes, etc.). Along with separating mammalian cells expressing GFP, the Cytonome Viva™-G1 system supports high purity sorting of stem cells using Aldefluor™ and other reagents.

Additional Cytonome Viva™ family products will support the sorting of other cell types (such as yeast, bacteria) as well as additional systems that are optimized for other routine applications.

* Aldefluor is a trademark of StemCell Technologies, Inc.

cytonome hydris front view

Industrial Cell Processing

Cytonome Hydris™ system

The Cytonome Hydris™ system is a cell sorter combining advanced automation with multiple sort units to provide ultra-high throughput cell purification. The product has been specifically designed to improve the efficiency of routine and repetitive cell sorting tasks in large-scale cell processing facilities. Potential applications include high throughput sorting of iPS derived cells, industrial-scale selection of GFP expressing cells, and other proprietary industrial and drug discovery processes and initiatives.

cytonome gigasort system front view

Clinical Research / Cell Therapy

Cytonome Gigasort™ system

The Gigasort™ system is specifically designed for cell sorting applications where high throughput, sterility, cell viability and bio-containment are required. Supported cell types include human cells such as primary blood cell-derived progenitor and mature cells. The Gigasort™ system is designed for use in clinical research and cellular therapy applications where sterility and throughput are critical. These applications include isolation of progenitor cells, T cell subsets, NK cells and other sparse cells identified using multiple cell surface markers