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cytonome gigasort system front view

Cytonome GigaSort™

Cell Purification System

Introducing the GigaSort™ Cell Purification System, the only massively parallel cell sorter for use in applications where high throughput, sterility and bio-containment are required.

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The Cytonome GigaSort™ system is a revolutionary approach to high-speed cell sorting. Through the combination and integration of multiple groundbreaking technologies, the Cytonome GigaSort™ system enables high-speed sorting in a safe, cGMP manner. Utilizing a highly parallel microfluidic chip design, coupled with an advanced optical, electronic, and fluidic control system, the Cytonome GigaSort™ system supports sterile sorting and is a safe and gentle method for high throughput cell purification.

gigasort features close view angle


  • Single-use, enclosed, gamma irradiated, disposable fluidic set for each cell purification run
  • Unique, gentle microfluidic sort switching technology
  • Massive parallelism for high speed cell processing volumes
cell sorting architecture sort speed parallelism chip


  • cGMP cell purification
  • Increased cell integrity, survival
  • Sorting efficiency and speed
  • Sterility of sorting
  • Optimized for clinical sort applications
  • Safety for lab personnel and cell product
  • Increased sort speeds by design

Cytonome GigaSort™ Product Specifications

Cell Types

  • Mammalian

Sample Concentration

  • 1 million to 6 million cells per ml (cell type dependent)

Sample Flow Rate

  • 50 ml per hour

Cell Measurement Parameters

  • Light scatter, light extinction, fluorescence (PE, PE-TxRed, PE-Cy5, PE-Cy7; 6 parameters (standard)
  • Alternative fluorescence wavelengths available

Cell Analysis Rate

  • Up to 850 million cells per hour

Cell Purification Rate

  • Up to 180 million cells per hour (depending upon your application)

Sort Purity

  • >99%

Biohazard Containment

  • Fully enclosed fluidic system, single use disposable

Sort Technology

  • Enclosed microfluidic switch

Flow Cell Type

  • Parallel microfluidic chip, 24 microsorters
  • Additional microfluidic chip formats available

Laser Wavelength

  • 532 nm (green) (standard)
  • Alternative laser wavelengths available

Optical Detection

  • Photomultipliers

Signal Dynamic Range

  • 1 to 50,000 (4.5 orders of magnitude)


  • Ethernet

User Alerts

  • Sort status, run errors


  • 122 cm x 89 cm x 204 cm (48 in x 35 in x 80 in)

Facility Requirements

  • Single 110/240V AC outlet, compressed gas