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Disrupting the Cell Sorting Marketplace

Posted May, 15, 2014

Cytonome is an analytical and medical instruments company with a new approach to flow cytometry and cell sorting. They are launching three new disruptive products at CYTO 2014 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this week (booth #324). We talked to CEO John Sharpe about the features of his company’s new products and how Cytonome plans to […]

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Cytonome demonstrates rapid and sterile regulatory T cell purification

Posted September, 26, 2014

Cytonome demonstrates rapid and sterile regulatory T cell purification Cytonome, a developer and manufacturer of advanced cell purification systems, today announced a milestone in the rapid, sterile purification of regulatory T cells. The study, published online in the journal Cytotherapy, describes the use of the Gigasort™ cell purification system to isolate regulatory T cells from […]

Cytonome Gigasort System – In the News

Posted June, 5, 2014

An online article in BioCompare (June 5, 2014) discusses how a new generation of smaller, microfluidics-driven instruments promise to dramatically alter the cell sorting marketplace.  Here is an excerpt from the article that describes the Cytonome Gigasort system: “The current iteration of Cytonome’s GigaSort™—available to collaborators for early access—uses 24 microfluidic chips in parallel to […]