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Exploring the Cell Sorting Marketplace

Posted August, 31, 2017

Cytonome develops and manufactures advanced solutions in cell purification for industrial, clinical and life science research markets. In an effort to disrupt the industry, they introduced three state-of-the-art cell sorting technologies: Viva, Hydris and GigaSort. We spoke to CTO John Sharpe about what Cytonome is, what has transpired in the past few years and where […]

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Cell & Gene Therapy World 2018

Posted January, 3, 2018

  Cytonome will be participating in the Phacilitate Cell and Gene Therapy World Conference in Miami from January 22nd-25th, 2018.          

Cytonome Concludes Exclusive Sales Partnership Agreement with Inabata

Posted October, 11, 2017

Cytonome/ST, LLC and Inabata & Co., Ltd. and have concluded an exclusive sales partnership agreement for Cytonome’s proprietary GigaSort® Technology in Japan. The GigaSort Platform is an application specific laser-based cell sorter that allows the identification, characterization, and isolation of highly purified cell populations. Due to its low pressure parallel microfluidic channel design, the GMP […]