cytonome viva system front view

Life Sciences Research

Cytonome Viva™-G1 System

In 2016, we partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. whereby we license the Cytonome Viva™ system to be sold. Our IP and breadth of talented engineers and developers enable us to move quickly and to please any of our partners that carry our products.

Additional Cytonome Viva™ family products will support the sorting of other cell types (such as yeast, bacteria) as well as additional systems that are optimized for other routine applications in the growing life science research industry.

Complex, technical training is not necessary to set up and operate the compact Cytonome Viva™ system, unlike conventional cell sorters. Users simply load their sample into the instrument and follow the straightforward touchscreen menus to run their application. Performance is automatically monitored thus ensuring stable, consistent sort outcomes.

cytonome hydris front view

Industrial Cell Processing

Cytonome Hydris™ System

The Cytonome Hydris™ system has been specifically designed to improve the efficiency of routine and repetitive cell sorting tasks in large-scale cell processing facilities.

cytonome gigasort system front view

Cell Bioprocessing

Cytonome Gigasort™ System

High purity cell populations are a critical requirement for the successful manufacture of many cell therapies. The GigaSort Platform uses a multi-parallel, microfluidic multi-sorter design to achieve high throughput cell processing while remaining gentle on cells. A fully enclosed, disposable, fluidics set solves the safety and contamination problems that have plagued aerosol-based cell sorting technologies and offers levels of purity unmatched by immuno-magnetic bead separation.