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cytonome hydris front view

Cytonome Hydris™

Industrial-Scale Cell Purification System

Introducing the Hydris™ high throughput cell purification system. Using the power of parallel technology and advanced automation to improve the efficiency of routine and repetitive cell sorting tasks.

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Building on the proven design and worldwide operational experience of the Cytonome Genesis III™ platform, the Cytonome Hydris™ system leverages the power of full-scale, high-throughput cell sorting by means of parallel architecture with optimized droplet sorting technology. The Cytonome Hydris™ system can leverage custom, application-specific designs with independent sort head monitoring for ease-of-use. The innovative design provides increased efficiency and productivity benefits and thus can contribute significantly to lean manufacturing.

hydris features close view angle


  • Up to three (3) sort head assemblies running in parallel
  • Individually dedicated sort head performance monitoring
  • Jet-in-air droplet sorting reliability
  • Optical and laser upgrade paths
  • Optional biohazard containment module(s)
  • Automated control systems
cytonome hydris benefits diagram technology


  • High throughput combined sort speeds
  • Sorting efficiency and reliability
  • Proven performance, reliability
  • Flexibility in sorting applications
  • Safety for lab personnel
  • Walk-away sorting

Cytonome Hydris™ Product Specifications

Cell Types

  • Mammalian
  • Additional cell types possible (i.e. yeast, bacteria)

Sample Concentration

  • 1,000 to 100 million cells per ml (cell type dependent)

Sample Flow Rate

  • 4 ml per hour (three 12 x 75mm tubes as input)

Cell Measurement Parameters

  • Light scatter, Phycoerythrin (PE) emission (standard)
  • Additional fluorescence wavelengths possible

Cell Analysis Rate

  • Up to 1 billion cells per hour

Cell Purification Rate

  • Up to 300 million cells per hour (depending upon your application)

Sort Collection Vessels

  • 1.5 ml, 5 ml, 15 ml, 50 ml tubes; cell culture flasks
  • Other collection devices possible

Sort Purity

  • >99%

Biohazard Containment

  • Optional biological safety cabinet and aerosol evacuation systems

Sort Technology

  • Microdroplet sorting

Flow Cell Type

  • Ceramic tip, 70 micron orifice (standard)
  • Optional disposable polymer tips

Laser Wavelength

  • 488 nm (blue) (standard)
  • Additional laser wavelengths available

Optical Detection

  • Photomultipliers


  • < 250 molecules of equivalent fluorescein

Signal Dynamic Range

  • 1 to 50,000 (4.5 orders of magnitude)


  • Ethernet
  • Additional remote display monitor (HDMI, touch)

User Alerts

  • Sort status, run errors


  • 122 cm x 89 cm x 204 cm (48 in x 35 in x 80 in)

Facility Requirements

  • Single 110/240V AC outlet, compressed gas, vacuum