June 11, 2013

Cytonome Awarded Massachusetts Israel Investment Partnership Grant by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC)

Boston, MA.

Cytonome, a developer of cell purification solutions, today announced that it has been competitively awarded a grant under the Massachusetts-Israel Innovation Partnership (MIIP). MIIP is a formal collaboration between the State of Israel (OCS) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (MLSC) to encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship between Massachusetts’ and Israel’s life sciences, clean energy and technology sectors. Cytonome (Boston) will work with Orgenesis (Israel) to combine a novel source of cells from Orgenesis with an efficient and reproducible separation and enrichment technology from Cytonome to create functional Autologous Insulin producing cells. Cytonome will receive funding from the MLSC, with Orgenesis receiving funding from the OCS.

Cytonome develops cell purification systems for life science research, industrial cell processing and translational and clinical use. Orgenesis is a development stage company with a novel therapeutic technology dedicated to converting a patient’s own liver cells into functioning insulin-producing cells as a treatment for diabetes.

“We were delighted to hear that Cytonome will receive a Massachusetts Israel Innovation Partnership Program award,” said John C. Sharpe, CEO of Cytonome/ST, LLC. “We are grateful to the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center for this vote of confidence and for the time the review panel and staff devoted to this process. We are excited for the opportunity to work with Orgenesis on a program that we believe will have significant impact for our respective organizations and broader benefits for Massachusetts through Cytonome/ST’s growth.”

“Cytonome’s demonstrated expertise in helping translate cellular therapies from the laboratory to the clinic makes it a strong R&D collaboration partner for Orgenesis,” commented Jacob BenArie, CEO of Orgenesis Ltd. “We look forward to building a successful relationship with Cytonome under the MIIP umbrella as we continue to work towards initiating clinical trials of our technology.”

About Cytonome

Cytonome develops, manufactures and markets cell detection and purification systems for translational, industrial and research applications. These systems are specifically designed for large-scale cell processing in cellular therapy, pharmaceutical, bioscience research, industrial bioprocessing and commercial manufacturing of cellular products.