June 5, 2014

Cytonome Gigasort System – In the News

An online article in BioCompare (June 5, 2014) discusses how a new generation of smaller, microfluidics-driven instruments promise to dramatically alter the cell sorting marketplace.  Here is an excerpt from the article that describes the Cytonome Gigasort system:

“The current iteration of Cytonome’s GigaSort™—available to collaborators for early access—uses 24 microfluidic chips in parallel to sort up to 48,000 cells per second, says Jack Lapidas, vice president of business development. The high-end, single-laser, four-color, two scatter-channel instrument will be used “mostly by the translational clinical market,” as well as for high-throughput screening, where speed, safety and gentleness are of primary concern, Lapidas says. Subsequent instruments will include up to 72 parallel microfluidic channels.”

The full article can be found at http://www.biocompare.com/Editorial-Articles/162866-Downsize-Your-Cell-Sorting-with-Microfluidics/