satellite cytometry service program viva

Satellite Cytometry Service (SCS)

Flow cytometry core labs and other users can create a “mobile” cell sorting service with the Cytonome Viva™-G1 system, due to its small size and ease-of-use. True on-site and off-site cell sorting services can be offered for the first time.

Cytonome has custom programs to support centralized laboratories that wish to create and manage an off-site cell sorting service using the Cytonome Viva™-G1 cell sorter. Core labs and centralized facilities can take advantage of the portability, ease of installation and ease-of-use of the Cytonome Viva™-G1 product, by extending institutional or laboratory cell sorting services into customer and collaborator sites. Cytonome will work with you to maintain product service, standardize operations and maximize revenue by setting up a Satellite Cytometry Service. Please contact your Cytonome representative to learn more about the SCS Program and the Cytonome Viva-G1™ product platform.

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custom configuration program hydris

Custom Configuration Program (CCP)

The Cytonome Hydris cell sorting system combines very high cell throughput, purification and cell yields in an industry-leading design.

Built upon Cytonome’s proven track record of stable, quality cell sorting in a multi-headed sort platform, the Cytonome Hydris can be custom-configured in a variety of instrument designs to meet your specific high volume sorting needs. With our Custom Configuration Program (CCP), choose from one to three sort heads along with a custom laser and optics array to build your own application specific high speed sorter.

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early access program

Early Access Program (EAP)

Cytonome’s Early Access Program (EAP) provides a cost-effective, protocol-based procedure to assess and validate the capabilities of the Gigasort™ cell sorting system.

Cytonome’s Early Access Program (EAP) provides a cost-effective, protocol-based means to access the sterile cell sorting capabilities of the Gigasort™ cell purification system. Cytonome will provide you with early access to our technology, and work collaboratively with you to validate your specific cell sorting protocol using our technology.

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