April 11, 2014

John C. Sharpe

Dr. John C. Sharpe is the Chief Operating Officer of Cytonome. He has formerly held both CEO and CTO roles with the company since its formation in 2009. John has over two decades of experience in developing and commercializing advanced cellular analysis and sorting technologies and other biosensing platforms that utilize advanced biophysics principles. He is recognized in the flow cytometry industry as a key member of the (Cytomation, now Beckman Coulter) development team for the MoFlo high speed cell sorter, and as the program and technical lead on the CyAn high-performance analyzer system. John has led multiple product development and commercial initiatives in a range of companies and has been responsible for due diligence studies in a number of corporate acquisitions. He has and continues to serve on the Boards of several science and technology companies. John holds a Ph.D. from The University of Waikato, New Zealand.