May 15, 2014

Cytonome Announces New Products at CYTO 2014 conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Boston, MA

Cytonome, a developer and manufacturer of advanced cell purification systems, today announced the release of four new and updated products at the CYTO 2014 conference.  Cytonome is exhibiting its new and updated products for the first time from May 18-21, 2014 at the CYTO 2014 conference located within the Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida   The products include the Cytonome Viva™, Hydris™ and Gigasort™ cell sorting systems, along with the SheathMaster™ sheath delivery system.

According to Dr. John Sharpe, CEO of Cytonome, “Cytonome has developed a range of patented, disruptive technologies to change how cell sorters work and how they are built.    Our newly-released cell sorting systems are application-specific platforms that combine high throughput with ease of use.   We are providing users of cell purification systems with remarkable products at a fantastic price/performance ratio.   Our systems are perfect for routine and repetitive cell sorting tasks such as purification of GFP transfected cells, rare cell production and other research, translational and industrial cell purification activities.   We look forward to introducing our new products at the CYTO 2014 conference.”

About the Cytonome Viva™ cell sorting system

The Cytonome Viva™ products are a family of sleek, self-contained cell purification systems. The Cytonome Viva™-G1 system is a dedicated cell sorter that separates cells expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) from other cells in a sample, without requiring complicated procedures or highly experienced personnel. Everything required for sorting is now contained in the industry’s smallest fully-functional platform, and fits easily inside of an off-the-shelf biosafety cabinet.

About the Hydris™ cell sorting system

The Cytonome Hydris™ system is a customizable, high throughput cell purification platform that combines multiple cell sorters into a single compact workstation. Each Hydris™ system is built to meet a customer’s specific application requirements with a choice of lasers, detectors, filters and software interface options. The system is highly automated, providing simplified operation, reduced instrument size and lower cost in a streamlined workstation layout.  The Hydris™ system is ideal for routine and repetitive cell selection tasks such as industrial-scale and lean-manufacturing cell production, sorting of GFP expressing cells or purification of rare cell populations.  The Hydris™ product is available through the Cytonome Custom Configuration Program (“CCP”).

About the Gigasort™ cell sorting system

The Cytonome Gigasort™ system is a high throughput cell purification platform that combines 24 or more microfluidic cell sorters into a single workstation. The platform includes a closed, sterilized, disposable cartridge that protects both cells and operators.  The Gigasort™ system is specifically designed for cell sorting applications where high throughput, sterility and containment are required. These applications include translational or cGMP isolation of stem cells, T cell subsets, NK cells and other sparse cells identified using multiple cell surface markers. The product is currently available through the Cytonome Early Access Program (“EAP”).

About the SheathMaster Sheath Delivery System

The Cytonome SheathMaster™ sheath delivery system is a productivity tool for flow cytometry facilities.  The product allows users to replenish sheath fluid in a flow cytometer without having to stop their experiment or re-calibrate their instrument.

About Cytonome

Cytonome, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, has developed application-specific, cell purification systems for use in repetitive or routine cell sorting applications where high throughput, ease of use or sterility are required.